ePlatform for Tanzanian health workers

The Benjamin William Mkapa HIV/AIDS Foundation is coordinating a group of organizations, committed to establishing an e-Platform which healthworkers in Tanzania will be able to access on PCs, tablets and smart phones. The initiative aims to build a virtual community of health workers in Tanzania who prioritize working as a team, and collaboratively finding problem-solving approaches to human resources for health challenges.
We hope you will share your experience, knowledge, insights, and advice to ensure healthworkers can effectively use ICTs to access information and training opportunities.


Ensuring resources on the ePlatform are relevant, of high quality and capable of engaging learners

The Tanzania Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH) has ample experience in developing high quality eLearning resources and has strategies and structures in place to ensure a high standard of resources on the ePlatform.

TTCIH will work closely with Koyo to develop eLearning resources which are of high standard, appropriate to the Tanzanian context, and are designed to ensure active engagement of learners.

Using an ePlatform to meet the demand for continuous professional development – perspectives from medical association of Tanzania

The Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) is a registered professional organization established in 1965 to promote and safeguard medical practice in Tanzania. It is an umbrella association including all medical doctors and other medical practitioners in Tanzania with its sister specialized and gender-based associations.

Particularly in light of the CPD guidelines which are currently under preparation, an e-Platform for healthworkers will be hugely beneficial to members of MAT.

How can an ePlatform benefit healthworkers in Tanzania? Our perspective at TANNA

Founded on 29 November 1979, TANNA is the national professional organization of enrolled and registered nurses in Tanzania. The association has 33 branches across the country and works to advance the profession and practice of nursing.

Nurses need to have opportunities for continuous professional development and to have opportunities to connect with other health professionals, even if they are in remote areas. The e-Platform will help deliver CPD at scale, but will also help healthworkers to feel part of a professional community who support and value each other to provide high quality and safe care to communities.