How can an ePlatform benefit healthworkers in Tanzania? Our perspective at TANNA

health worker bed nets Founded on 29 November 1979, the Tanzania National Nurses Association (TANNA) is the national professional organization of enrolled and registered nurses in Tanzania. The association has 33 branches across the country and works to advance the profession and practice of nursing. TANNA currently has 17,000 paid-up members and is in a growth phase.

CPD for our members

Our members need to have opportunities for continuous professional development. We see an e-Platform as an invaluable infrastructure for busy nurses to easily and conveniently access courses which will allow them to advance in their career. Nurses will benefit from the ePlatform  we are proposing to keep abreast of ongoing initiatives and to connect with other nurses in Tanzania –  to learn together and support each other.

Communicating the benefits of the ePlatform

We must inform our members about the benefits to be achieved through membership of the ePlatform. We can do this through our our annual AGM and at other planned workshops. We can also inform people through our social media networks, our website and all other possible means.  We will recommend that our members should be part of the platform.

Young nurses as champions of technology-assisted learning

Our younger members and student nurses are particularly interested in having access to technology-assisted learning opportunities. We will invite these groups to come forward to be champions of the ePlatform – to help nurses who may be new to technology to get familiar with the features and gain confidence in being an eLearner. TANNA will learn how to act as effective moderators of the activities we run for members and will be present in time-bound activities to encourage,support and guide learners to experience the full benefits of being part of an elearning community of professionals. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities of using 21st centrury tools to bring benefits to our members as they strive to provide safe and high quality care to people in our communities.    

Some questions Do healthworkers in remote settings need to feel supported – and do you think they will find value in being part of a ‘virtual’ community? How can we create a relevant social community for health workers through an ePlatform? 


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