How can we ensure our group will actually want to use the ePlatform?

Building the actual ePlatform is one thing – but how can we ensure our users find it, and more importantly – see value in using it?


Connecting our group

Linda (from Koyo) and Paul Magesa (President of The Tanzania National Nurses Association (TANNA) ) met to discuss the possibility of recruiting young student nurses as e-platform champions through a type of internship programme. Imagine connecting 17,000 nurses! TANNA is an incredible network. With 33 branches across the country, there are currently 17,000 nurses who…

Coordinating efforts in Tanzania and beyond

In a conversation with┬áDr Gabriel Upunda, we learnt of the importance of engaging the regulatory bodies for health in Tanzania, and also to look beyond Tanzania to what is being done in relation to continuous professional development for health workers in other countries. Dr Upunda occupied the position of Chief Medical Officer of Tanzania for…