Connecting our group

paul magesaLinda (from Koyo) and Paul Magesa (President of The Tanzania National Nurses Association (TANNA) ) met to discuss the possibility of recruiting young student nurses as e-platform champions through a type of internship programme.

Imagine connecting 17,000 nurses!

TANNA is an incredible network. With 33 branches across the country, there are currently 17,000 nurses who have paid their annual membership fees. Not all of them know how to use a computer, tablet or smartphone. Many don’t own one of these devices, and not all even have access to one of them….yet.

Creating a valuable network through smartphones and other devices 

Imagine if we managed to connect all of these professionals on an e-Platform of the type we are preparing! Imagine our group of 17,000 nurses having flexible and convenient access to continuous professional development courses. Imagine 17,000 nurses being more knowledgeable about the health policies that affect hem, discussing the challenges in implementing guidelines, and sharing experiences and stories to support better implementation of these guidelines, so that improvements can be enjoyed by everyone! Can you imagine, 17,000 nurses connected in a supportive social network that encourages each one to take pride in the profession of health custodians, and to continue to strive to provide the best quality care for people in their communities.

Gaining confidence in using technology for learning

To make this a reality is no easy task. But it may not be as difficult as we imagine. We need to build a supportive community – encourage people who are familiar with technology to help and support those who are not. We need as many champions as possible to help people overcome any fear they may have about using technology. In many cases it may not even be necessary to do a formal course – it may just require a few minutes from a patient friend and a few encouraging words.

Beginning an internship-type programme is one of the proposals we are working on. Can you think of any others?


One thought on “Connecting our group

  1. Sounds great! Perhaps the Tanzania network could link up with the existing global HIFA network (Healthcare information For All). We have almost 8000 members worldwide ( It would be amazing to link up with 17,000 health professionals in Tanzania! Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator


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