About the organizations

Five core organizations are committed to establishing an ePlatform for PCs, tablets and smart phones to build a virtual community of health workers which prioritizes working as a team, and collaboratively finding problem-solving approaches to human resources for health (HRH) challenges.

mkapa logo 2 The Benjamin William Mkapa HIV/AIDS foundation (BMAF)CoordinatorBMAF is an initiative founded by the third President of the United Republic of Tanzania H.E. Benjamin William Mkapa and Former President of the United States of America H.E Bill Clinton.

We reach communities through innovative health programmes that are implemented in close collaboration with the Government both local and Central, Development partners and Corporates. We attain this by building sustainable partnerships in order to deliver quality programs to the communities that we serve.

BMAF also works with other Non-Government Institutional partners in the health sector in order to leverage its resources and also to complement each other’s efforts.

logo TTCIH Tanzania Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH)Technical manager of e-Platform responsible for developing and localizing learning resourcesThe Tanzanian Training Centre for International health (TTCIH) is a health training institution, established under a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW), the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (NFSD) and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. The TTCIH aims at supporting the Tanzanian government’s national health reform policy for strengthening human resource development, through providing quality health training, facilities and services.


Koyo Global outreach coordinator, technical advisor and instructional designer Koyo is a social enterprise start up whose mission is to design digital collaboration solutions for professional communities of life-long learners. We specialize in delivering sustainable last mile communications and learning solutions for organizations by meaningfully engaging with communities to release the learning and application potential of new and existing knowledge resources.
MAT logo Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) Manager, Continuous Professional DevelopmentThe Medical Association of Tanzania is a registered professional organization established in 1965 to promote and safeguard medical practice in Tanzania.

It is an umbrella association including all the medical doctors and other medical practitioners in Tanzania with its sister specialized and gender based associations.

The vision of MAT is articulated as ‘Evidence based quality and ethical medical practice for all healthcare staff’.


TANNA logo1 Tanzania National Nurses Association (TANNA)Manager, Continuous Professional DevelopmentTANNA was founded 29 November 1979, TANNA is the national professional organization of Enrolled and Registered nurses in Tanzania.  The association has 33 branches across the country and 17,000 fully paid up members. TANNA aims to be a strong national association which provides support to nurses and allows nurses to speak with a powerful, unified voice. We believe that nurses alone cannot fully meet the profession’s or the public’s health needs.  We embrace the support and recognize the importance of working with other stakeholders in attaining the goals of health for all Tanzanians.

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