About the initiative

mother and baby vaccination


Development of the Kujenga umoja katika huduma za afya (Building synergies in healthcare) initiative has its origins in 2012 when the Secretariat of the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) set out to identify ways of improving coordination at national level between GHWA member organizations and other actors in the human resources for health (HRH) landscape. Tanzania was identified as the country to explore the creation of a model which would be adapted for rollout to other national contexts in future phases.

Building a partnership

In May 2013, the initiative moved to the national level and The Benjamin William Mkapa HIV/AIDS foundation (BMAF) became the national coordinator and began building a consortium of local/international organizations to develop an initiative relevant to the Tanzanian context which would use ICTs, education and partnership to bring about positive change for health workers and contribute to the attainment of universal health coverage.

The consortium consists of five organizations:
• The Benjamin William Mkapa HIV/AIDS foundation (BMAF) – national coordinator
• Koyo – Global outreach coordinator, technical advisor and instructional designer
• Tanzania Training Centre for International Health (TTCIH) – Technical manager of national e-platform/ develop and localize learning resources for ePlatform
• Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) – Manager, Continuous Professional Development
• Tanzania National Nurses Association (TANNA) – Manager, Continuous Professional Development

e-Platform for healthworkers

The initiative involves establishing a national-level mobile-optimized e-Platform for healthworkers in Tanzania, using an open source MOODLE platform customized for local use and hosted in Tanzania. The design of the platform aims to create a virtual professional learning community which prioritizes working as a team and using problem-solving approaches to address human resources for health challenges. The health workers’ e-Platform will:
• Raise awareness of health workers on relevant policies, research findings and best practices
• Provide access to continuous professional development courses
• Allow relevant reports and documents to be shared though a searchable online repository of resources, and
• Inform health workers about ongoing events through mapping of conferences, workshops, etc.

Achieving more together

The initiative is open and inclusive and welcomes everyone who is interested in finding ways to use ICTs for greater sharing of information and for greater application of knowledge to provide safe and high quality care to the people we all serve


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